Member Spotlight – Aime Armstrong Armillan Ltd

Logo Armillan Ltd

Q: What’s your background and why did you choose to set up Armillan?

I’ve had a great career in senior HR roles in the public sector but as I’ve turned 40 and the kids are growing up, I’d like to broaden my horizons career wise.

I have set up Armillan Ltd and am exploring how I can use my skills and experience in the HR consultancy world, it is still a work in progress but I’m loving the opportunity to learn and explore.

Q:  What makes you happy?

At work, variety, great people and the opportunity to solve problems are what makes me happy. Outside of work – long conversations, good books and binge watching boxsets with my daughters .

Aime daughters Aime family

Q:  Favourite food and drink?

Favourite foods: home cooked roast beef with all the trimmings, curries, chinese, chocolate cake, lemon puddings – I could go on. I LOVE food.

Q:  Favourite place in the whole world?

Aime trip to china

Favourite place in the world: the next new place I’m planning to visit – I’ve just booked a walking trip to China on the Great Wall in 2019 to raise money for MIND and I’m in full research and planning mode.

Q:  If we had to evacuate earth and live in space, what 3 things would you bring with you and why?

If I had to evacuate I’d take my husband and 2 daughters, life without them just wouldn’t be worth living. I think I’d try to sneak an internet enabled phone in as well though!

Q:  Who inspires you and why?

Lots of people inspire me rather than one person. Great women that have stood up for equality are probably top of the list.

Q:  Favourite quote or saying?

Carpe Diem – still as true as when it was published in 23BC by a Roman poet, and a great reminder that however much the world might change there is a consistency in humanity – kindness, love, hope…

Q:  Have you got any exciting plans in the pipeline?

I’ve got lots of leads for future work. I’m not sure which will eventually pan out, but I’m really enjoying exploring lots of possibilities.

Q:  Best business tip you have ever received?

Best business tip – you never know what might happen unless you give it a try – so be bold!

Q:  What do you like best about the Leicester Business networking group?

Coming from the public sector I was worried that I may not be welcomed, or that the business world might be all cut-throat. The group has been so kind and welcoming I felt almost overwhelmed. I also realised that even if I don’t go to an office every day to work in the future, there will always be people to connect with. So thank you to everyone at Leicester Business Networking – it has really made a huge difference to me.

Q:  Where can people find out more about your business?

Find me on Twitter @aimearmstrong



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