Member Spotlight – James Blacklaws – JB Commercial Finance

James photo2.jpg

Q: Tell us about your business James?

I work with local businesses and finance lenders to find the right financial product for the clients. This may be a loan for a business for working capital, a property loan or finance for a distressed company. No matter the circumstances, if there is a solution – I will find it!

Q: What’s your background and why did you choose to set up JB Commercial Finance?

I have spent my whole working life in the business finance sector and was very frustrated with how the banks were dealing with clients. I felt I could do a better job dealing with local businesses and helping them with their finance requirements.

Q:  What makes you happy?

My family and knowing you’ve done the best job for a client you can.

Q:  Favourite food and drink?

Pizza and beer 🙂

Q:  Favourite place in the whole world?

Wells Next the Sea in Norfolk.

Q:  If we had to evacuate earth and live in space, what 3 things would you bring with you and why?

My family (yes they count as one) for obvious reasons, a football as men can always be entertained with a ball (both of my children are boys) and the Bible.

Q:  Who inspires you and why?

Everyone who runs a small business inspires me. I know how tough it is and to meet so many people fighting the odds to survive and succeed is a daily motivational tool for me.

Q:  Favourite quote or saying?

My methods and my methods are my methods!

Q:  Have you got any exciting plans in the pipeline?

JBCF LogoAlways looking to grow the business and help more clients. In 2020 I will be celebrating five years in business and by then have some set goals for where I want to be. I will also be 40 years old but we dont talk about that!

Q:  Best business tip you have ever received?

Trust your gut!

Q:  What do you like best about the Leicester Business networking group?

On the face of it its very laid back but real business is being done. The structure works and is always adapting to suit the members.

Q:  Where can people find out more about your business?

My website is




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