Member Spotlight – Anita Baldwin Marketing

Name Plus Blue

Q: Tell us about your business?

I help small businesses get their marketing right to get more customers.  This always starts with getting the basics right – who do you want to attract and what do you do for them?  It sounds simple but so many businesses over-complicate it and when you try to pin it down to one person and one thing it’s really hard.  But if you don’t get that right essentially you are selling loads of stuff to anyone who wants it and it doesn’t matter what channel you use, it won’t work!

Once this part is done the rest is fun!!  Finding out what works is like a puzzle and it’s such a great feeling when the leads start coming in for customers!

Most of what I do ends up in social media – it’s a no brainer for any business.  A free, constantly updated platform filled with my ideal customers?  Businesses are mad if they don’t use it.

LinkedIn is by far my preferred platform alongside Facebook Groups which are messy but a goldmine!

I’ve recently teamed up with Anna Geary who has been using social media successfully for business for a lot longer than me, is far better at Facebook and Instagram a well as appearing on numerous podcasts and radio shows.  We’re a really good match and I’m loving working with her.

We’ve developed a model that means businesses can manage their social media across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram in an hour a day.  We will be training this online mainly so watch this space!

Q: What’s your background and why did you choose to set up Anita Baldwin Marketing?

I have worked in marketing for 25 years and I love it although I’d forgotten that during the 10 years at my last job!  It sapped my soul and eventually I left without anything to go to really.  Lots of sleepless nights worrying about paying the mortgage but it’s worked out so well I feel like I’m dreaming!

I’ve met some really great people through networking and have some amazing regular clients.

I have rediscovered my love of marketing and I’m back to learning constantly.  I undertake any courses I can and join in with lots of free challenges too.  I’m currently doing one on comedy writing because I think it could help my customers (and me!) use email successfully – I haven’t finished it yet so I can’t be funny until Friday sorry!

Q:  What makes you happy?

The usual stuff I guess.  I love to travel and go to new places, in the UK or abroad.  There’s a million places I want to go to.  I really enjoy walking so I’m more than happy to walk 6 miles to a pub, have a massive lunch and walk back again.  Spending time with my family outdoors on a nice day.  My kids when they don’t bicker (there was that one day in 2012……..).  I love food and eating out in nice places.  And now my job makes me happy too!

Q:  Favourite food and drink?

I like ALL food so this is a hard one to pick.  In fact I just can’t pick!  I love a cocktail and a dry white wine – god I’m such a stereotype!!

Q:  Favourite place in the whole world?

I don’t really like to go back to places because there are so many more to try.  I walked around Mont Blanc a couple of years ago and I’d definitely do that again though because it was fantastic (although we got lost on one day and didn’t have any supplies or even a map with us so that was a bit stupid but we found our way in the end!).  I also went to Hawaii for my honeymoon with my first husband which is a lovely place but my ex husband is in all my memories of it which ruins them somewhat!!

Q:  If we had to evacuate earth and live in space, what 3 things would you bring with you and why?

Am I supposed to be all virtuous and say my children, my husband and the bible?  Nah, I’d leave them to fend for themselves!!  I’d take moisturiser and a notebook and pen.  I’ve got a great idea for a book but never get the time to write it, this would be perfect.  I’d love the peace – for a while at least!

Q:  Who inspires you and why?

People who just go for it inspire me because I wish I was more like that.  Sometimes I hold myself back when I’m just as capable as the next person so anyone who gives me the inspiration to JFDI!

Q:  Favourite quote or saying?

I think it was Homer Simpsons Dad who said, ‘I used to be it, but then they changed what it is and now what I am, isn’t it!’  How true is this?!!!

Q:  Have you got any exciting plans in the pipeline?

Yes!  The Get Savvy Club with Anna Geary – I don’t have any spare time anymore because we’re so busy putting it all together but I’m really enjoying it!  We’re creating some amazing work that I’m really proud of.


Q:  Best business tip you have ever received?

Perfectionism is just a form of procrastination.
You don’t have to be the best in your field, you just have to contribute.
All Denise Duffield-Thomas, Chillpreneur.  I read it recently and found it really helpful.

Q:  What do you like best about the Leicester Business networking group?

The people!  It’s a really friendly group and I love hearing other peoples stories.
And the food is pretty good!!

Q:  Where can people find out more about your business?

Visit my website 

On Twitter
On LinkedIn




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