Top 10 tips to NOT be an effective networker

exclusion markus-spiske-QozzJpFZ2lg-unsplashNetworking is not all that hard! Just treat everyone the way you would like to be treated or imagine everyone with a sign around their neck that says ‘Make me feel important’!

However if you don’t want to be a successful networker, then follow these tips and people will definitely want to avoid you and you’ll quit within less than a year of joining the group because you are not getting enough out of it:

  1. Ensure you are the last one arriving – after all your time is precious and you don’t want to be waiting around for everyone else!
  2. Always talk to the people you know and catch up on the latest news and don’t ever introduce anyone to the new guy or girl in the room – he/she could become friends with your mates!
  3. Write your weekly/monthly 1 minute presentation when everyone else is giving their 1 minute – they are all doing the same every week anyway, so you kind of know it by heart!
  4. Make sure everyone in the room has your business card and as much literature as possible so they can promote your business for you!
  5. Always expect the other members to request 1-2-1 meetings with you, because you are such a great contact for them – they would be mad not to get in touch with you.
  6. When arranging a 1-2-1 meeting be sure to get your story and business in there first, so if you are running out of time the other person knows what you are selling and looking for!
  7. Only link up and talk to people that have obvious synergies with your business, everyone else is probably just a waste of time for you – they don’t know anyone else that could be of benefit to you.
  8. Avoid people that could be or obviously are competition, there is nothing you can learn from these guys.
  9. Follow up leads as and when you have time – the guys in the networking group will keep their referrals warm for you as long as needed!
  10. And finally always think about No. 1 and what’s in it for you – then you can’t go wrong! Referrals will keep flooding in because everyone will love you!

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