Are originals better than compatibles?

We are talking Original Ink Cartridges Verses Compatibles! Some people prefer to rely on originals for their printers mostly because they fear the warranty might be nil and void if they stray to anything else. But is this just a myth and are originals worth the extra cost?

Here Adrian Pawsey from PrinterInks4u explains the difference, the issue of printer warranties and helps you make the right choice for you. … More Are originals better than compatibles?


Member Spotlight – Karl Craig-West – Buzz Website Design

Buzz builds websites for small businesses in the Leicestershire area. The ethos of our work is to help clients attract more business through their websites by making sure that each website is built with an emphasis on return on investment. … More Member Spotlight – Karl Craig-West – Buzz Website Design

Why you should ignore some people

We are all busy people who get bombarded with messages all day long.  We dismiss things in the blink of an eye, and something needs to really hit the mark to make us take a second look or to read the whole message.

To achieve this, it needs to speak directly to us.  We won’t notice a general message, it comes across as insincere, and we certainly won’t take the time to figure out if a product or service would benefit us.  We need to be told it and given justification.  And it needs to be true.  Authenticity is important. … More Why you should ignore some people

Boosting your household budget

It’s a new tax year and apparently the majority of people can look forward to being better off by about £155! That’s £155 a year or £12.92 a month. Unfortunately Council tax is up on average by £78 a year and pretty much everything else has risen in price too, which wipes out any tax savings immediately. How depressing!

So what can we do to boost our household budget? … More Boosting your household budget